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Our brands

  • 1 Shot
    1 Shot Lettering Enamels are oil based, high gloss enamels for interior and exterior use on metals, wood and glass; and have been the benchmark in lettering enamels for over 50 years. Excellent flow characteristics, single stroke coverage and vibrant durability are just a few of the reasons 1 Shot Lettering Enamels remain the favorite of pinstripers and sign painters alike. With their infinite color blendabilty and a full line of reducers and hardeners, it's no wonder 1 Shot Lettering Enamels are used by more sign and graphics professionals, than any other brand.
  • 2nd Magazine
  • 3sixteen
    3sixteen aim to produce the highest quality clothing and accessories, using premium materials and quality American manufacturing. Their products are built with a focus on lasting construction, attention to detail and subtle marks of craftsmanship. 3sixteen like seeing their clothing broken in and well aged, because this tells the company that they're serving their purpose.
  • 45 Central
  • 4711
    4711 is a traditional German Eau de Cologne by Mäurer & Wirtz. Because it has been produced in Cologne since at least 1799, it is allowed to use the geographical indication Original Eau de Cologne. The original Echt Kölnisch Wasser still uses the same formula as more than 200 years ago.
  • Accoutrements
    For over 25 years Accoutrements have provided the world with amazing products that provoke, challenge and entertain. From the Zombie finger puppets to the Cupcake Bandages - Accoutrements create things that people need to have!
  • Admiral
    Admiral is a quality driven, independent brand, focused on delivering barber products that represent us, our customers and our California roots. To us, a Barbershop is truly an American staple. It’s a place that connects us to our past, present and future. It’s a place where stories are told and made. Being a barber isn’t about wealth or success, but an art. A social art that has been passed down through generations. It all starts and finishes with the customer. building strong relationships and trust. Admiral is a brand born of this idea, that not only the cut, but the products these Barbers use are vital in building those lasting connections with their customers.
  • Alpha Industries Inc.
    Alpha Industries is a global enterprise dedicated to manufacturing and selling military-inspired fashion at the highest quality level. once the premier supplier of jackets to the US Department of Defense; today the leader in cutting-edge fashion. From flight decks to civilian sidewalks, Alpha stands on the frontlines of quality and fashion.
  • Alstermo Bruk
  • Ambiguous
    The story of Ambiguous started in the mid 90’s as with the simple idea of “How to make a living doing something that makes you happy”. In this case, making clothing your friends want to wear. All their friends seemed to either be Artists, Musicians, Skateboarders, Snowboarders or Surfers. So that’s what they based the company on.
  • American crew
    American Crew is more than just a lifestyle brand or a salon supplier. It's a landmark in the history of men's grooming.
  • American Greaser Supp...
    American Greaser Supply started in a kitchen in Kansas in the mid-90's. Their pomade and wax will help you get the look you want!
  • American Optical
    The AO heritage began in 1826, when William Beecher, a Connecticut farm boy, came to Southbridge, after an apprenticeship in Providence, Rhode Island, where he learned the jeweler's trade. This trade he practiced in Southbridge for seven years before his fateful encounter with a pair of typically crude imported spectacles. "I can do it better," said William Beecher to himself and he went to work. The American optical industry was born at that moment. William Beecher fostered an enduring precept for the company that was to grow into the American Optical Company.
  • Americana Classic Vin...
  • Ann Sheppard
    Ann Sheppard creates apparel rooted in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. This apparel is made to the same quality standards and with the same vintage approach. Best fabrics, finest accessories and detailed finishing are the basis of all Ann Sheppard’s collections.
  • Armor-Lux
  • Astra
  • Atenzia
  • Bachelor Pad Magazine
    Booze, Babes & Burly-Q! The digest of atomic age culture.
  • Ball
  • Bandit Brand
    100 percent organic cotton, vintage style, t-shirts screenprinted by hand. Always made in the US of A.
  • Bayicon
    Bayicon is a Swedish brand established in 2004 and build on a solid denim interest. No washes and no gimmicks, just pure quality.
  • Beard Products
    Rigorously tested on real beards in some of the harshest of conditions. Concentrated conditioners, made without chemicals or fillers and only contain the highest quality organic ingredients. Every product is handmade in small batches on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
  • Bees Knees
  • Belva
    Since 1941! Madam Belva'S Hair-Rep® is a registered trademark used for Hair Pomade and owned by J. Strickland & Co., Douglas Harry G. (d.b.a. Belva Manufacturing Company).
  • Big Bill
    BIG BILL workwear is a North American manufacturing company offering quality durable work clothes, uniforms, safety footwear, protective apparel and active wear.
  • Big John
    After liberalization of import in 1963, had contact with Mr. Okada, Ministry of International Trade and Industry in fall of 1964. Exchanged a contract that Maruo Clothing would have the production and sales right for the areas west of Hakone with Oishi Trading and 50 rolls of denim fabric (Canton Textile Mills Inc.: the U.S.) arrived Kojima in February of the following year, 1965. In April, the Japan’s first domestic jeans were born in Kojima (under the Canton brand/made by Maruo Clothing). In 1968 the first Big John jeans were introduced.
  • Black & White
    All the way from Memphis! A versatile hair dressing that allows you to mould, sculpt and create texture. It is firm but pliable giving you long hold control that lasts all day.
  • Black Diamond
  • Blakey Records
  • Blue Highway
  • Blue Magic
  • Blue Q
  • Blue Suede News
    Blue Suede News covers the entire spectrum of American Roots Music, from '50 s Rock'n'Roll styles - Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues to Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Cajun & Zydeco, Swing and you-name-it hybrids.
  • Bluebeards Revenge
    Designed by a real life “Blue Beard” who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike, The Bluebeards Revenge is a premium range of quality shaving and skincare products aimed at the modern, masculine men. If you are a masochist and love a bit of pain first thing in the morning then you should not use The Bluebeards Revenge as it will give you a clean, smooth, painless shave.
  • Blundstone
    Since 1870. Blundstone's proud heritage now stretches over three centuries and the company continues to be a 100% Australian family owned company based in Hobart, Tasmania.
  • Bohnam
    Freedom, skateboarding and simpler times.
  • Bona Fide
    Bona Fide is defined as true, genuine, honest, authentic, in good-faith, and without intention to deceit. This definition defines Bona Fide and shapes the way they conduct ourselves. The market is saturated with over-priced and over-hyped “specialty products”. They promise you “quality and affordability” but Bona Fide guarantee it. Say good-bye to the days of breaking the bank when checking-out because, they believe to the utmost degree, that looking good should not empty your wallet.
  • Bone Crusher
  • Bonnier Fakta
  • Brazil's
    Brazil's products are natural and handmade in Sweden
  • Brixton
    Inspired by music, culture, and the people who surround them, Brixton is the collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products.
  • Brylcreem
  • Burn 68
  • Buzz Rickson's
    Buzz Rickson's Genuine Wear - renowned worldwide for their high quality, authentic vintage flight jackets and accessories.
  • Captain Fawcett's Mou...
  • Carhartt
    Established in Detroit, MI in 1889, Carhartt Inc. is a family owned and operated company, dedicated to its mission of providing 'Best In Class' apparel for the active worker. Just as Hamilton Carhartt began four generations ago, Carhartt will continue to manufacture the most functional and durable clothing for generations to come. A variety of features such as premium fabrics, durable constructions and comfortable fit are just some of the hallmarks... Built to last!
  • Carolyn´s Kitchen
    Inspired by a gorgeous apron and glove set from Paris, Carolyn began by discovering 1940's patterns and bringing them to life with her modern interpretive designs. "I wanted to bring back the glamour, sexiness, and cuteness of a bygone innocent era. The gloves and fabrics are new and nicer - it's a new and improved version of the '40's."
  • Cast Iron
    'Contra-culture' said someone? Definitely! That term was born in the sixties, was followed by 'D.I.Y' and 'crossover' in the following decades. That's what 'CAST IRON' is all about : pop culture, a cool mix of past fragrance and nowadays' colors, a 4-stroke beat which is common to both cast-iron engines and rock'n'roll. Or in other terms : Lifestyle . Automotive . Motorcycle . Fun.
  • Cheap Monday
    Quality denim, designs with a twist and unbeatable prices. Swedish designer Örjan Andersson spent many years at Lee before leaving to start his own brand.
  • Chicago Comb Co.
  • Chopped
    Australia has a strong hot rod scene starting back in the mid fifties through to the modern street rod. With every decade producing a style of its own, there's a lot of build options out there - a 40's lakester, a 50's jalopy or a 60's show car. It's good to see the traditional rodders doing research and separating the eras, going for split wishbone front and rear ends over the more recent four bar set up. Tracking down a variety of bits and pieces, be it Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Ford or Chev, and getting back to the roots.
  • Choppertown
  • Classic Hardware
    Accessories with Class and Sass
  • Clubman
    To say that the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men's toiletries have staying power is an understatement. After all, men have been using the products since 1810 when Edouard Pinaud, a perfumer, opened a shop in Paris. In the 1940s the company launched the Clubman line of products, commissioning an artist to create the trademark dapper Frenchman for the labels.
  • Cock Grease
    Super duper hair products, coming to you from Eddy's Deluxe in Sacramento California.
  • Col Conk
    Colonel Ichabod Conk - a legend of yesteryear, a great reality today. Unique quality, unique product – in business to make the ritual of shaving a pleasure!
  • Collectif Clothing
    40s and 50s inspired dresses, accessories and more as worn by rockabilly dolls, pin up princesses and psycho bitches worldwide.
  • CTH
    Swedish hat makers, with a history that goes back to the late 18th century.
  • CXXVI Clothing Co.
    CXXVI, the designers behind awesome brands such as The Brooklyn Circus, Johnny Cupcakes, Casualty and more, present a classic approach to the New York aesthetic with their own line of handprinted stuff.
  • d:fi
    D:fi make hair products for the people who live every night to the fullest. The ones who treat their bodies as their canvas and the world as their plaything. And the people who know that if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. D:fi products aren’t just made to turn heads. They’re made to be touched.
  • Dako
  • DanceJoy
    Products designed by dancers, for dancers.
  • Dax
    Founded as the Imperial DAX Company nearly half a century ago in a garage in Brooklyn, New York, by entrepreneur Herman Bley, DAX is a rapidly growing global multicultural hair care company.
  • Dehen
    Dehen Knitting Company was founded in 1920. William Dehen first built his business by knitting unique heavyweight wool sweaters that withstood the test of time. Today, well into its third generation, the Dehen family is still committed to the tradition of manufacturing distinctive apparel, using time honored methods and the highest quality materials. Dehen has survived market crashes, world wars and fashion fads, and continues to provide both brands and consumers with quality product, honestly made.
  • Denim Demon
    Swedish denim! The guys running the Denim Demon company come from a Sami family. So there's always some nice details on their jeans that are a tribute to their ancestors and the Sami culture.
  • Denimbirds
  • DePalma
    According to the legend, The DePalma Clothing label was founded in Fresno, California back in 1972. In 2002 Swedish dudes Kristoffer Sundlin and Peter Camarstrand joined forces and purchased the DePalma brand. With a mutual love for Hot Rods, Custom Cars, Choppers and skateboarding the two decided to manage and evolve DePalma into the best brand in the world.
  • Derby
  • Dice & Dolls Vintage
  • Dice Magazine
    The best Bikes, Tattoos and Denim that money just can't buy
  • Dickies
    Since its beginnings in 1922, every piece of Dickies workwear has stood for the quality, toughness, and pride that embodies the spirit of the American worker.
  • Diesel
  • Dockers
    Dockers is a brand of khaki garments and other accessories made by Levi Strauss & Co., then specializing in denim, introduced the Dockers brand in 1986. Dockers became a leading brand of business casual clothing for men.
  • Dolce Mia
    Dolce Mia Designs soaps and lotions are crafted and manufactured in the United States.
  • Dr K Soap Company
  • Dr Rubin's
    Dr. Rubin's Pomade is based upon a formula that was first created in 1944. All products are handcrafted and hand-poured just outside of Los Angeles, California. Made from only 100 % natural ingredients, no additives, pesticides, preservatives, or artificial anything.
  • Duke
  • Duluth Pack
  • Dunderdon
    Born in the Swedish port town of Gothenburg in 1997, Dunderdon is Sweden’s most innovative workwear company. Founded by carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg, the mission at Dunderdon has always been to create clothing for craftsmen who appreciate superior construction and smart design
  • E & E
    “Our inspiration comes partly from the Swedish fashion arena when we are in the process of making our spectacles. The stylishness that is deeply rooted in Swedish design is something that we want to transfer to the spectacles, and we want to turn spectacles into an accessory that can be worn by everybody everyday. Throughout the Nordic culture and our design we aim to map out Swedish Lapland”.
  • Eastman Leather Cloth...
  • EastWest Bottlers
    In a world where fame and power seem to dominate the mainstream, it's time to get back to our roots. MOONSHINE, a gentleman's cologne, is designed for men comfortable in their own skin - those who don't need to be associated with the latest trend or fad. A classic and timeless scent that embodies a lifestyle of strong history and heritage.
  • Eat Dust
    Eat Dust is a brand fueled by friendship and mutual interest. Eat Dust are not into making fashion, this is about proper garments and good design that will stand the test of time.
  • EC Star
    E.C. Star, founded in 1994, is a classy, punk/mod inspired brand of hip womens apparel. Over the years, E.C. Star has stayed true to its roots, drawing from the SoCal OC scene, and makes its own statement within the industry. They strive to be different, to constantly evolve, to produce the highest quality products. Their mission is to provide a high quality, fun garment, that is made in the USA where the fit is just as right as the look.
  • Edith & Ella
    Edith & Ella saw the light of day in 2004 – founded by Danish designer Line Markvardsen. The Edith & Ella clothes have a touch that combines the glamour of the 1920’ies, 1930’ies and 1940’ies with the fashion of today.
  • Edwin
    Japanese denim brand Edwin was established 1947 when denim fanatic K.K. Tsunemi started to import jeans directy from the U.S. The demand was so great that he decided to produce jeans of his own. By 1961 the first Edwin Jeans were available on the market.
  • El Toro
    Since 1996, El Toro Records has been one of Europe's leading independent labels specializing in American roots music, from 50's Rock and Roll to Rockabilly, Western Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Instrumental Surf. El Toro Records is a record label for music lovers and strives to put out records that feature some of the best artists from around the planet.
  • ELM Company
  • Emily and Fin
    The ethos behind emilyandfin combines simplicity with individuality. Gorgeous dresses for day and evening to beautifully cut skirts and pretty tops are all designed to complement the everyday wardrobe.
  • Emmy Design
    emmy stands for feminine, well-fitted garments that embrace and enhance the female shape – just like in the good old days!
  • Enter accessories
  • Enviken Records
  • Esther Williams
    Esther Williams Swimwear is a family owned & operated business, established over 20 years ago and created by Esther Williams. We are committed to making high quality stylish swimwear for women to enjoy and feel comfortable wearing.
  • Evil Denim
    Evil Denim was designed after work wear from the 1930's - 1950's using period correct fabric for the buckle back jeans, buckle back jackets and buckle back chino work pants.
  • Farah vintage
    The Farah brand was born in the 1920s but it was not until the 1970s in the UK that it reached the cult status it holds today. The original Farah slack made from hopsack canvas became an immediate hit with the youth of britain: slim cut, sharply tailored and featuring stain resistant technology, the trouser was unlike anything available at the time. Momentum for the brand grew and in the 1980s Farah became a must have label amongst fashion savvy hipsters, including the mods, skins, sticksmen and rockabillys. Seen on the balconies at gigs across the UK music scene, each group interpreted the brand within their own style, building key Farah items into what became their definitive looks. The clothes came to represent a sense of elitism while generating respect for those who displayed the now famous "Farah F tab".
  • Fatboy
  • Fever
    Fever proves to be one of Britain 's most exciting independent fashion brands. Since the launch in 1996 the label has acquired a reputation for designing innovative yet timeless collections season after season.
  • Fidelity by Gerald an...
    In 1941 Fidelity Sportswear was born in Boston as a family business. Gerald and Stewart, the owners, joined the business as teenagers. The brothers learned about scissors, sewing and shipping on the job. Fidelity first supplied the US Navy with bomber jackets and pea coats and then American army navy stores.
  • Field Notes
  • Filson
    In 1897, Filson opened C.C. Filson's Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers, specializing in goods to outfit the stampeders to the Klondike Gold Rush. Over the years, Filson's philosophy has never changed: make sure it's the absolute best. Clinton Filson spent a lot of time talking to his customers and refining his designs to their specifications. So it's not surprising that the items that worked then still work today, over 100 years later. Comfort, protection and durability never go out of style.
  • Floridita Records
    Cool record label, releasing amazing rockabilly compilations.
  • Fly London
  • Fräuleinwunder
  • Freddies of Pinewood
    Freddies of Pinewood, the pioneers of 1940s and 1950s reproduction jeans for both women and men. Made from proper 100% cotton, high quality washable indigo denim with no stretch, they will fit just like the originals. Freddies make 40's and 50's rock n roll high-waisted jeans for women which cinch the waist, giving them an hourglass figure.
  • Free & Easy
  • Fuel Magazine
    Swedish magazine about dragracing.
  • Gahns
    Classic Swedish manufacturer of soap and grooming products.
  • Garagekultur
  • Gasoline
    Gasoline Magazine Hot Rod, Kustom, Bike, Race
  • Ginger design studio
    A little rock ´n roll. A lot rebellious and a touch of retro nostalgia. In our world design is to mix different styles into something new and exciting. It’s satisfying to mix rock ´n roll with rhythms from sweet soul. And it’s our pleasure to mix the subtle with sharp contrast and a tad of retro nostalgia. Exciting detail unite with odd patterns straight from our honest reality.
  • Goofin Records
    Since 1984
  • Gooseberry Lay & Co.
  • Grant's
    Custom designed, Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade supplies you with timeless control for every man in every climate. Just apply and give it a quick combing and you’re on your way to looking Golden. Quality, affordability and accessibility are the backbone of Grants'. Looking your best should be obtainable for every man. A great price for an excellent product.
  • Greasy Kulture
    A magazine that champions the twilight world of traditionally styled, low and loud choppers and hot rods
  • Grenson
    All Grenson shoes are "Goodyear Welted", a process invented in the 1800's in England that is a time consuming way of making shoes, but means that the product lasts longer than any other type of shoes. It also means that the shoe can be re-soled many times over making them a wonderful investment.
  • Gul & Blå
  • Hairgum
    Based in France, Laboratoire Ariland, maker of Hairgum products has always taken its inspiration from nature for its fragrances and textures. With a global reputation for producing high quality hair care and styling products for over the last 25 years using only the finest ingredients, Hairgum has always been able to be on top of the latest trends and fashions.
  • Håkki
    Swedish pomade
  • Heartbreaker fashion
    Beautifully crafted dresses, tops and skirts. All made in the USA, cut to order in San Dimas and assembled by three contract sewing shops in the Los Angeles area (sweatshop free!).
  • Hep Town Records
    One of the leading underground labels of Scandinavia, releasing rockabilly, americana, country, punk, psychobilly, new wave, surf, ska, jazz, lounge and things that they like.
  • Heritage Post
  • Hi-Style Records
    A label that digs rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, rhythm 'n' blues, country, blues, and everything that falls in between and around these genres.
  • High Life pomade
    High quality hair dressing
  • Honky Tonk
  • HRST Books
  • Hula Mula
  • Human Scales
    Human Scales was founded in 2007 by Mikko Kämäräinen and Peter Ferber. The brand takes its name from the gambit of fishing with the background of the archipelago, which is very dear to the founders’ hearts. The brand name implicitly suggests that the clothes you wear are a part of who you are but also an integral part of yourself – “a second skin” or a “human scale.”
  • Incienso de Santa Fe
    Beautiful hand-crafted incense burners made from richly-colored New Mexico clay. Every one painted by hand. Like the incense, the burners are uniquely Southwestern. We think that you will find them as appealing to the eye as the wonderful incense fragrances are to your nose.
  • Indigofera
    At the core of Indigofera Prima Jeans is an unswerving dedication to quality, detail and craftsmanship, and an ongoing love affair with denim. The name is a tribute to the color indigo - the very essence of jeans, at the heart of denim manufacturing. Indigofera is the origin - the beginning of all denim - and prima is the ambition, the vision of old-fashioned quality and enduring workmanship. It should come as no surprise that the founders of Indigofera, Johan Soderlund and Mats Andersson, have been active in the international denim industry for decades, reaching a unique depth of knowledge and expertise, and successively carving out their irreducible and uncompromising vision of the dream jean.
  • Inventory
    Inventory is a place to take stock of the items, brands and people that we connect with and find special. With a genuine appreciation for details and quality, Inventory is a curation of ideas in product, craft and culture
  • Iron Heart
    These are the toughest, strongest, most stubborn jeans in the world, no argument…
  • Iron Lungs
  • Iron Society
    The Iron Society is a private men's barbershop, focusing on the clean classic yet modern look of today's well groomed man.
  • Isoplus
  • JC Hillhouse
  • Johnson Woolen Mills
    The Johnson Woolen Mills Tradition reaches back to 1842 when local farmers brought their wool there to have it woven into cloth. In an age when fashions change overnight and markets vanish almost as fast, Johnson Woolen Mills have rarely changed their main product line.
  • JS Sloane
    The quest for the perfect grooming product, and a passion for all things distinguished and refined, led to Joann Kuno and Smutty Smiff to create JS Sloane Co. Friends since the late 80s, the pair bonded over a shared love of Hollywood’s golden era and the distinguished and dashing leading men of the silver screen.
  • Jumperfabriken
    "The jumper factory" is a Swedish brand started in 2007 by Elisabeth Synnes and Carina (Tullis) Zervakos.
  • K.O.I
    The Kings of Indigo started their adventure in an Amsterdam attic in mid 2010. Three denim heads with a passion for the product decided to ignore the financial climate and start a new denim brand. The first collection was successfully launched at Bread & Butter in Berlin in July 2011. The name K.O.I came from founder Tony Tonnaer’s favourite tattoo, a koi fish on his right shoulder in remembrance of his mother. Koi fish are intelligent creatures and they tend to swim against the stream which is a strong metaphor for the rebellion that comes with a denim lifestyle. In Japan the Koi stands for luck, love and perseverance.
  • Kavel Rafferty
  • KingCat
  • Knuckleheads
  • Kontur forlag
  • Kopteri
  • Korero Books
    Korero Books was founded in London in late 2006. They specialize in all aspects of visual counter-culture, low-brow art, design and Americana.
  • Kutens Bensin
    Known as the best gas station and rock'n'roll club in the world to some!
  • Last Day Company
  • Layrite
    Hawleywood's Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor is a great 1940's style shop in Southern California. Their Layrite Deluxe Pomade is one of our bestsellers. It is hair grease that holds like wax, and washes out like gel.
  • Lee
    At Sivletto you find a selection of the finest from Lee. Jeans started to be manufactured under the Lee brand way back in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. Today they are still in Kansas, located in Merriam, near Kansas City.
  • Levi's Vintage Clothi...
    Levi's® introduced Levi's Vintage Clothing to keep the history of Levi's® denim alive: Since 1999, the famous historical originals from the Levi’s® archives in San Francisco, dating back to 1880, are faithfully reincarnated in this limited edition range.
  • Lightning
  • Live & Jive
    Merch, tickets, DVD and more regarding the infamous winter rock’n’roll weekender in Sweden.
  • Lofgren
    Lofgren garments are made in Japan using all Japanese materials and sewn by real craftspeople. The attention to detail and quality of workmanship is top notch. Unionville is the first shop outside of Japan to sell Lofgren products!
  • Lola Ramona
    Danish high quality shoes with an attitude
  • Lone Star Pomade
    The Lone Star Pomade products use DI water and contains no petrolatum or waxes. This formula is designed, unlike most traditional wax based pomades, with the goal to have climate control, resistance to high humidity, dries quickly and be water soluble (washes out quickly; no degreasers required).
  • Lone Wolf Leather
    Lone Wolf Leather are leather products made entirely by hand in Stockholm Sweden by a man who have grown up as a son of a shoemaker, surrounded with leather which has given understanding of the craftsmanship that goes with it.
  • Loser Machine
    Skateboarder Adrian Lopez’s new company, the Loser Machine Co. is an homage to Lopez’s other passion, bikes.A happier marriage between scumbag biker and SoCal mexican has never been made!
  • Louche
    Louche is a labour of love; designed 'by women for women' who understand the diversity and personality of their audience. Nodding to catwalk trends but never controlled by them each collection offers unique style, fabulous fit, quirky bespoke details and a charming vintage touch.
  • Lovewright co.
    Established in 2006 by Danny Reyes. As the lowbrow answer to modern street wear, the brand holds fast to its independent spirit. The Lovewright co. is dedicated to producing quality garments that one day will considered classic in their own right.
  • Lowbrow Customs
  • Lowside
    With the roots of building and riding garage built suicide machines as a passion and print, design and photography as their trade, Lowside Syndicate was formed to offer the world it's efforts of expressing their art on wheels in ink.
  • Lucky Tiger
    Lucky Tiger offers every man the products he needs to look his best at a moment's notice. The collection of men’s grooming products gracefully defines the man who takes pride in his appearance, appreciates the classics and likes to be confident, prepared and primed for any adventure that awaits. Lucky Tiger has been helping men get lucky since 1935. Isn't it time you got lucky?
  • Lucky-13 Barber Suppl...
  • Lusifer
    Lusifer is a Swedish shoebrand located in Gotheburg, that was created by Måns Månsson and Sara-Lotta Cederwall during the spring 2004. The vision with Lusifer is to offer a different kind of shoes with great quality and clean design with an edge. The main part of the inspiration they find in well-dressed classic rockn´roll music, historical shoes from the 1800th mix with a clean graphic expression.
  • Lutece Mfg Co.
    Lutece MFG. CO.® was founded in 1917 and became in the 20's and 30's one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Denim & Cavas Clothing and Equipment for the US Army i.e. For Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot. After World War II the factory was closed down because of leaking demand. Now it is the mission of Lutece MFG. CO.® to re-activate the Brand and produce Clothing & Accesoires the old fashioned way
  • Mad Fabricators
    Mad Fabricators Society is an honest tribute to the hard working, everyday “Joes” that get in the garage and bleed for their machine. Each DVD offers a multi-dimensional, explosive way to capture the daring, bare concepts of hot rodders, something that will leap “off the page” — images that will talk to you and show you something new each time you watch it.
  • Mag-neto
    Mag-neto is the hot rod 'zine that covers nostalgia-style rods and kustoms in the New England area. If you like the old hot rod, rod & custom, car craft, rodding & restyling, and hop up mags of the forties and fifties, you'll love Mag-neto!
  • Malin Jansson
  • Man's Face Stuff
    If you have a moustache, or if someone close to you does, be proud! A moustache is a wonderful choice to spruce up any face, but many forget to give it the care and respect it deserves. Man's Face Stuff's line of moustache waxes will allow you to wax it up and wear it well!
  • Men's File
    A Modern(ist) Magazine Tracing the Roots of Style.
  • Merz b. Schwanen
    Merz b. Schwanen use old circular knitting machines from the beginning of the last century in order to create an undershirt that captures both the feeling and the quality made in Germany back in the days.
  • Migraine Records
  • Milkcow Magazine
    Milkcow is a 64 page colour magazine dedicated to the 1940s and 1950s Lifestyle in the UK. Milkcow covers the entire spectrum of Music, Cars, Bikes, Fashion, Shopping, Pin Ups, Tattoos, Art, Burlesque and much much more to give a complete lifestyle and culture mix in one publication.
  • Miss Fortune
    Clothing that caters for rockabilly, punk & psychobilly guys and gals and takes inspiration from rock 'n' roll, horror, tattoo culture and burlesque among others.
  • Miss Hussy
  • Miss L Fire
    'Miss L Fire' was launched in 2005 in good old London, as a shoe brand for the lady seeking something a little different - colourful, retro and by all accounts shoes to make the wearer feel beautiful!
  • MissyLu
    Custom made handbags since 2005.
  • Mister Freedom
    Mister Freedom® is a retail space/design studio created by Christophe Loiron, French expatriate to California in 1990. Depression era work-wear - Tropical colonial garb - Outdoor canvas gear - Naval and Marine uniforms - Army field outfits - Early explorers goods - Madras haberdashery - Indigo textiles - Western wear- Pop art threads - Beach wear - Athletic corner - French gentleman farmer. And more…
  • Momotaro
    Momotaro Jeans originates from Kojima, Okayama. The brand is known for its devotion to production of high quality handmade Japanese denim for its customers. Woven at Japanese vintage denim mills, Momotaro Jeans uses only the best raw materials, dyeing the natural cotton yarn with natural indigo blue to weave the Original Momotaro Jeans Denim on its vintage shuttle looms – and all this by hand.
  • Mono Magazine
  • Morgan's pomade
  • Mr Bear Family
  • Mr Black
  • Mr Natty
    Getting yourself ready for work, or to go out, it should be inspiring not functional. It should give a you boost, set you up for the day (or the night) dancing shoes, splash of cologne, bit of Natty in the hair...BOOM! Let’s go!
  • Mrs Bear
    For the love of ...
  • Mrs Murphy
  • Murray's
    Mr. C.D. Murray, founder of Murray's Superior Products Company, based his business on a simple principle. He believed that an honest product sold at a fair price would spell success. He began producing hair products out of his Chicago barber shop in 1925.
  • Native Union
  • Nezumi Denim Co.
    Nezumi Denim Co. is a premium jeans brand from Stockholm, Sweden founded by David Campo Cardenes. NEZUMI means rat in Japanese. The inspiration for the brand name comes from a book that David read as a child about a legendary thief called Nezumi Kozō whom lived in Japan during the Edo period. It is said that he stole from the wealthy samurai and gave to the poor, turning the petty crook into a folk hero.
  • Nic & Mel
    Accessories for boys and men with a vintage timeless feeling. There was a time when design and function worked as one. Nic & Mel believe in keeping it pure.
  • Nigel Cabourn
    Nigel Cabourn has worked in the fashion industry for over forty years, but his clothing has little in common with most people’s concept of the word fashion. He is influenced not by trends but a longstanding passion for vintage clothing, fabric and details.
  • Nordstroms forlag
  • Nude
  • Nudie
    Jeans share the same soul and attitude as music. The inspiration springs from the same dreams. As a true jeans brand Nudie is not looking for the short-term trends. The inspiration is far from glamour and catwalks. The collection is tight, like a rock band, reflecting the feeling of everyday life.
  • Ol' Woogies
  • Old Guys Rule
    There comes a time in your life when comfort meets substance. When all your hard work seems to have paid dividends, and the world is at your command. All the things you hoped you could do someday, you're doing. The toils of youth are now your experiences... no longer the student, but the teacher.
  • Old Kool Kustom Life ...
    Kustom lifestyle magazine from Wizzz. Made with the best possible taste.
  • One More Smile
    The whole profit goes to children in under-developed countries.
  • Otter Wax
    The entire Otter Wax product line was developed from asking a simple question: Why would you treat your fabrics or leather with anything that you wouldn’t trust using on your own skin? Waterproofing your jacket doesn't need to involve being in a well-ventilated area, and polishing your shoes shouldn't involve inhaling gasoline-like fumes. The entire Otter Wax product line is made using simple, all-natural ingredients that are non-toxic, silicone-free, or derived from petroleum. All Otter Wax products are handmade in Portland, Oregon using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.
  • Outré
    Passionate specialists in contemporary international pop, lowbrow, pop surrealism, street, tiki, modern folk, retro with a twist and underground art.
  • Pace
    Pace originates from different lifestyles and cultures, which have blended, and merged together creating its own unique sense of style. Pace philosophy comes from being a creative rebel spirit. Pace is about caring and making own decisions. In nature, the magpie is such an example: conscious and independent.
  • Palmer's
  • Paradirama
    French company, specializing in 1940s/1950s vintage and reproduction clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • Paradise Found
    Paradise Found & Diamond Head Sportswear carry on the Hawaiian tradition by manufacturing the highest quality, most authentic versions of the islands favorite designs.
  • Passion France
    Passion France forge the blade and make ​​the knives on traditional places that have created knives for generations. Entirely by hand, each one with passion they are unique and distinctive as the people for whom they are created.
  • Paulrose Products
    A label dating back to 1960, created by Paul Svarc, Paulrose Products is a Canadian take on classic workwear through the lens of Brandon Svarc. The brand was originally conceived by Brandon’s grandfather Paul Svarc but was abandoned in the 80s. The brand’s highlights lie in the Canadian produced-products utilizing vintage Japanese denim and shirting fabrics.
  • Pendleton
    Since first introduced in 1924, Pendleton wool plaid shirts have been a staple in men's wardrobes. Before the first Pendleton plaid shirt came from the mill, men revered the wool shirt for its warmth and durability, but not their color or style. Basically, you could have any color as long as it was gray. C. M. Bishop saw the opportunity to bring rich plaids and colors to this utilitarian shirt, and the Pendleton wool plaid shirt was born.
  • Penguin
    Abbot Pederson was an ambitious salesman who worked for the Munsingwear undergarment factory in Minneapolis. On a sales trip to NYC in 1955, finding himself with some time to kill before a flight home, he decided to wait out his time in a local bar. Stumbling out to find a taxi stand, he took a wrong turn down a Manhattan street and found himself in front of a display of stuffed penguins in a taxidermist's window. Before he knew it, he had bought one of the penguins, named him Pete, and was soon enjoying cocktails with him on the flight back to Minneapolis. At some point during the flight, Pederson's enthusiasm got the better of him -- and Pete the Penguin's head was knocked off. A seductive stewardess whose attention Pederson had been enjoying throughout the flight gently helped him remove his tie, then wrapped it around the penguin's neck. As she did so, she joked that such a lucky, dapper bird surely deserved to be immortalized -- maybe even embroidered on a shirt similar to the one Pederson was wearing. Little did she know...
  • People Tree
    People Tree is a different kind of fashion business. We give customers an alternative to fast fashion. The fast fashion industry is fueled by insatiable demand for cheap clothing and accessories. Fast fashion has a devastating impact, from sweatshops and child labour to pollution and global warming. Slow Fashion means standing up against exploitation, family separation, slum cities and pollution – all the things that make fast fashion so successful. We make beautiful garments that are a living blueprint for our values: people and the planet are central to everything we do. Our garments are hand crafted in organic cotton and sustainable materials, using traditional skills that support rural communities.
  • PF Flyers
    PF stands for Posture Foundation. Patented in 1933, Posture Foundation insole technology set a new standard. Its success grew and in 1937 became the basis for the brand name "PF Flyers".
  • Pike Brothers
    Pike Brothers focuses on high quality vintage army and work wear from the 1930s-50s. With the experience and skill of almost 20 years in the field of vintage army and work wear they have acquired a very high grade of knowledge and expertism which is now reflected in their own manufactured garments.
  • Pin Up America
  • Pin up balm
  • Pinstriping & Kustom ...
  • Popkitten
    Popkitten was started in 2009, the brand is a collaboration between the designer Helle Robertson Forslund (Robert&Blad) and the Malmoe store Popolino.
  • Postalco
  • Premium Publishing
  • Prestel
  • Primer
  • Prison Blues
    Yes, they are really made in prison ! The original, authentic, prison-made blue jean brand. Made by inmates at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, Oregon USA. By men who aren´t necessarily your stereotypical hardened criminals - they´re fathers, sons and brothers interested in making amends for the choices that put them behind bars. And they make some of the most durable denim clothes that you´ll every lay your hands on.
  • PRO-Keds
    PRO-Keds, an icon of American sports. Born of backyards and pickup games, the distinctive PRO-Keds classic Royal is available in both canvas high and low tops, and features a distinctive red and blue power stripe on the midsole that is an original and unmistakable signature for PRO-Keds.
  • Pusher
  • Queen of heartz
    Queen of Heartz was founded in 2001 by vintage reproduction designer Letty Tennant, a graduate from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Letty’s love for vintage and glamour can be traced back to her early grade school and high school days. Queen of Heartz was founded in order to fulfill her passion and in turn meet the needs of every girl who craves the vintage look and feel. The designs come from careful selections of vintage inspired fabrics, in-house pattern making, exquisite construction and attentive detail.
  • Quirk Books
    Inspired by the belief that a healthy appreciation for the absurd is the key to both happiness and success, Quirk's mission is to originate, develop, and publish nontraditional and innovative crossover books that are objects of desire editorially, graphically, and physically...
  • Rebel8
    Founded in 2003, REBEL8 is a San Francisco clothing company with deep roots in skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo cultures. Joshy D. and Mike Giant met in the late 1990’s in San Francisco’s then bustling graffiti scene. Josh ran the popular graffiti website, HiFiArt, and Mike was one of the city’s most notorious writers. Years later, and having had some experience with a previous clothing venture, Josh approached Mike about creating a handful of t-shirt graphics. Mike agreed, and with $500 a small batch of shirts was made. Josh sold those shirts out of a messenger bag around the city, and REBEL8 was born.
  • Red & White Kitchen C...
  • Red Cloud & Co.
  • Red Kap
    Red Kap started as a family business. Two Nashville brothers and a cousin-by-marriage teamed up to sell bib overalls as Harlin Bros. & Williams. Red Kap’s recognizable logo was founded in 1927, with an official name change in 1939. By the 1960s, Red Kap had added coveralls and had become a major player in the workwear industry.
  • Red Wing Shoes
    When the Red Wing Shoe Company first started making boots, people still rode horses to work. Much has changed. Today their boots are found around the globe. For over ninety five years, the Red Wing Shoe Company has held a solid commitment to four basic principles: Quality, Craftsmanship, Durability and Comfort.
  • Redux
  • Resteröds
    Resteröds Trikå was founded in the tiny town of Ljungskile, Sweden back in 1935.
  • Retromega
  • Reuzel
    Since it’s opening, Schorem has been frequented by greasers, rockers, bikers, psychobilly’s, ruffians and other fine gentleman scumbags from every echelon of society. With more than fifty years of barbering and grooming experience these Rotterdam Barbers have now formulated pomades worthy of their exacting standards. As old school barbers they dug deep into the history of pomades to formulate what they belief are the worlds finest, Reuzel. Reuzel is the Dutch word for lard and is a wink to a past when pomades were made from animal fats and fragranced with apples. The word pomade actually comes from the French word “pomme”, meaning apple.
  • Revlon
  • Rising Sun & Co.
    Rising Sun & Co. believe in the meticulous pattern making and sewing techniques employed by master tailors of a bygone era. They believe in crafting garments that are certain to last just like in the old days when clothes were tools that helped people provide a living and build a nation. For them, the workmanship is crucial. It’s their belief that the sum of all the small details make a world of difference. It is this conviction that sets Rising Sun & Co. apart.
  • Rivstart
  • Rob's Chop Shop
  • Robert & Blad
    Robert&Blad is a designer run fashion label, with elegance and rock `n´ roll as its guiding lights. Designer Helle Robertson Forslund has a background as a traditional men’s tailor, which is a guarantee for high quality and well thought out cuts. The merging of the traditional and Helle´s love for the classical materials with disrespectful rock `n´ roll attitude and a drastic, dark sense of humour gives the Robert&Blad collections an expression all their own.
  • Rock-a-Lilly
    Custom hand-made hair accessories, hand bags & jewellery for those hot rockin' gals!! Kool Kat stuff for those hep cats & kittens!!
  • Rockabilly Deluxe
  • Rockabilly Rub
  • Rockefella
    Clothes for the kids of today, with a sense of yesterday.
  • Rocket Room
    This is where you find official Rocket Room merchandise!
  • Rodder's Journal
    With over 200 pages of the very best in hot rod and custom photography, writing, and history, The Rodder's Journal is unmatched amongst automotive publications. In each issue you will find a carefully crafted blend of traditional hot rods, classic customs, early drag racing, the best newly built cars, and the rich personalities behind one of the world's most unique and passionate pursuits.
  • Rollin Records
  • Rolls & Pleats
    Rolls & Pleats is a quarterly, full color magazine about traditional rods and customs. You will never see a modern style rod in the mag - only rods which are done in the classic American style of the 1940s. Size: A5
  • Round House
    ROUND HOUSE® workwear was born in 1903. Named for the "round house" railroad repair station, ROUND HOUSE® brand overalls quickly became a favorite among rail workers, becoming known for their ruggedness and affordability. Over 100 years later, Round House Mfg. is the oldest operating manufacturing company in Oklahoma, and still builds ROUND HOUSE® workwear according to the "Fit Best, Wear Longest" standard: Tough. Affordable. MADE IN THE U.S.A.
  • Route 66
  • Royal Crown
  • Rules By Mary
    Rules by Mary is a Swedish fashion brand, founded in 2006.
  • Rumble59
  • Sailor Jerry
  • Schott
    In 1913, as Ford's new Model T began to crowd the already bustling streets of New York City, two brothers, the sons of a Russian immigrant, went after their piece of the American Dream. Irving and Jack Schott started making raincoats in a basement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan which were then sold by street peddlers door to door. Irving Schott's leather jackets were lovingly branded with the name of his favorite cigar - the Perfecto.
  • Seil Marschall
    Making the finest quality since 1896. The Seil Marschall quality is not possible to produce in big quantities."Our best machines are still our hand". They take the finest natural materials and accessories available and take enough time to manufacture long lasting products. "We still make the quality worn by our grandfathers". After more than 100 years, still a family business (in the 4th generation).
  • Sheik Records
  • Sideburn Magazine
    The world's only go fast, turn left magazine
  • Sioux hair dressing
    Sioux Gentleman's Hair Dressing is an old school styled pomade. It's a medium weight that is inbetween a butch wax and a can of grease. There is enough stiffness to hold your style, but it's light enough to work with easily and offers great shine.
  • Sivletto
  • Sivletto Enviken
  • Sleazy Records
    Spanish record label with some really cool releases. Don't miss!
  • Slick 50 Barbers
    Southend's rock 'n' roll barber shop, established 1987, proprietor Elaine Hooker. Big Joe Louis (Blues Kings), Boz Boorer (Polecats / Morrissey), Levi Dexter (Rockats / Ripchords), Mischief (rockabilly band), Roddy Radiation (Specials Skabilly Rebels) are proud to pomp with their hair products. Now you can be equally proud.
  • Snutjävel
  • Sockerbageriet
    Founded in Helsingborg Sweden in 1904.
  • Sourpuss
    Since 2000, Sourpuss Clothing is an independent company specializing in designing awesome gear for folks craving the unusual.
  • Speed and Chrome Illu...
  • Spiewak
    In the Autumn of 1904, Isaac Spiewak opened a business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, producing handmade sheepskin vests that he sold on the streets of New York. His customers were the dockworkers on New York’s booming waterfront. Over a century after its founding, I. Spiewak & Sons has grown into one of the premier names in uniform workwear. The authentic industrial line has been trusted by the soldiers of WWI and WWII and is currently worn with pride by thousands of police, fire and ems agencies around the globe. The authenticity and integrity of its designs has also earned Spiewak iconic status as a classic streetwear brand—considered by many to be America’s best kept secret—with a growing loyal following at cutting-edge boutiques and retailers across America and around the globe.
  • Steadfast
    Steadfast Pomade has been formulated to allow you to mold your hair to your desired style, with the ability to re-style if needed throughout the day, while still maintaining it's hold. A medium plus hold, nice shine, subtle rugged scent, clear blue color and it is completely washable. No need for any special type of shampoos! Made in Los Angeles, USA
  • Steady Clothing
    Founded in 1994 by Joshua Brownfield and Eric Anthony, Steady Clothing is a vintage-inspired, rocker-chic line that prides itself on cutting-edge designs, high quality and unmatched customer service. From the style-savvy sales representatives, to the rock-n-roll warehouse staff, to the tattooed owners themselves, it’s easy to see from where the collections draw their inspiration.
  • Stern
  • Stetson
    In 1865, with $100, John B. Stetson rented a small room, bought the tools he needed, bought $10 worth of fur and the John B. Stetson Hat Company was born. A year later the "Hat of the West" or the now famous "Boss of the Plains" hat was born and the name Stetson was on its way to becoming the mark of quality, durability, innovation and beauty.
  • Studio D'artisan
    Studio D’Artisan has been producing denim of the highest order since 1979. The original architect of vintage denim production using disused shuttle looms, Studio D’Artisan is one of the worlds finest Japanese denim producers. Products are designed in Osaka whilst the production takes place in the Okayama prefecture, the traditional cotton weaving area famous for its indigo dying and denim production.
  • Stuwa
    The company stukenbrock wachswaren, founded in1920, is now run successfully by the fourth generation of the Stukenbrock family – a tradition Stuwa are very proud of. Commitment to quality and careful handling of the material wax are the foundation for numerous of their market defining candle ideas.
  • Suavecito
    We feel it is wrong to charge someone more for what they put in their hair than what their haircut actually costs; to think otherwise would undermine the ability and true talent of the barbering craft.
  • Sugar Cane
  • Supreme Being
    Supremebeing was established in 1999 by a group of four friends in Cambridge UK. Born from a love of graphic design, art and streetwear, the belief was that with talent and hard work you could make a career from what you love. Today the apparel ranges still retain the original concepts of creativity, passion and exceptional design Supremebeing was based on, and it is committed to offering quality products with no gimmicks and a touch of good humour.
  • Sweet Georgia Brown
    Sweet Georgia Brown wax - the original hair dressing pomade. Pick your favorite!
  • Swing
    A Swedish magazine about swing dancing, and the people who dance
  • Tabac
    The distinctive fragrance of Tabac Original underlines a well-groomed and elegant appearance.
  • Tail Records
  • Tangent Garment Care
    Nowadays, when quality of fabric and pattern making – the passion for craftsmanship –­ is of interest once more, so is the need for proper care. In the light of this we are set to provide a superior range of garment care products, not emanating from the chemical industry or flung off conveyor belts, but products that will naturally and effectively give your garments a long life.
  • Taschen
  • Tellason
    In their own words: We have been friends for two decades and have always had an affinity for all things well crafted and authentic. After working in the apparel industry for 20 years, it was time we took things into our own hands and made something of our own- something that stood up to our personal waterline, so to speak. A proper pair of men's jeans was the answer so we took it from there and went out to make a jean that mattered. What we came up with was a range of jeans we are proud of: great fits, beautiful fabric from Cone Mills' White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina that is cut and sewn in San Francisco, California. We had our eye on the best denim shops in the world and we are happy to say that many of them have found a place in their store for Tellason!
  • Tender
    Tender has its roots in antique workwear and machinery, especially from the Great British Steam Age. On a steam train, the tender was the truck which carried the coal and water to power the locomotive, and was coupled in between the engine and the carriages. They were built incredebly solidly, mostly from riveted cast iron, and had to hold enough fuel to take a train weighing many tons across the length and breadth of Britain. The other important face of Tender is the nature of which is put into the clothes: in their research, design, manufacture, and wear. Just as a gardener tends to a rose bed, or a shepherd is the tender to a flock of sheep. So it is important that Tender's owners will live with their clothes, wearing them hard, but respecting their provenance and the stories they have to tell.
  • The Chap
    A journal for the modern gentleman.
  • The Lot Magazine
    All issues are limited to 1000 copies and once they are gone, they are gone.
  • The Seamstress Of Blo...
    London 1939 and England is on the brink of World War II. Aged 14, Lillian Wells is apprenticed to a Bloomsbury dressmaker. She has little education but can already draw and paint and hand sew and embroider as if she were professionally trained, it is her natural gift. As she masters the seamstress’s art, her life seems to be clearly mapped out, she will sew beautiful frocks for the aristocratic families that inhabit the mansions around Bloomsbury Square. And dreams one day perhaps she will have a sewing room of her own, and meet a soldier, and marry, and have children and make beautiful clothes for them too. But sadly Miss Wells dreams didn’t come true; she never met her soldier, but spent many years perfecting her exquisite sewing skills in a little room in Hamilton House, and became known as ‘The Seamstress of Bloomsbury’. Her work was admired and sought after by many great Aristocratic families and Royalty from around the world. We are extremely privileged to have known Miss Lillian Wells, to have worked with her, and to acknowledge the tradition of her skills and now, in keeping with her wishes, we revive her original 1940’s patterns and designs and are pleased we can share them with you.
  • The Superior Labor
  • The Surfer's Journal
    A cross between a soft-cover book and magazine each bi-monthly 132-page issue delivers 120 pages of editorial content. The Surfer’s Journal explores the complex relationship of man and wave, the sport’s rich history, colorful personalities, myriad adventures, and the many artful forms of expression that our culture breeds. To honor that perspective The Journal is produced on the highest quality paper with sheet-fed printing to present in-depth writings and visuals. Our graphic design is intended to be timeless and non-obtrusive, purposely stepping back to let the content be the art.
  • Three Kings
    A Three Kings Pomade foi desenvolvida com pura cera de abelha e óleos minerais selecionados a dedo para proporcionar maior brilho e fixação deixando você com o visual perfeito.
  • Tiki Magazine
    If you love the Island Lifestyle, Tiki, Hawaiiana, Polynesian Pop Culture or swaying palm trees, this is the magazine for you.
  • Tres Flores
  • Tretorn
    Tretorn is casually refined and stylishly understated. Established by Henry Dunker in Helsingborg, Sweden at the end of the 19th century, Tretorn takes inspiration from its Scandinavian roots and carries this vitality of spirit throughout its collection. Tretorn's expertise in rubber-made products demonstrates a consistent commitment to quality and brand over hype, offering a collection most appreciated by those with a practical sensibility and a lifestyle largely enjoyed outside.
  • Underground
    Underground are very passionate about their product and do their most to make it as individual as possible by concentrating on the detail - the exclusive leathers , the graphic linings, the crazy buckle… The designs are strongly inspired by the music subcultures that surround us.
  • Unionville
  • Unique Vintage
  • Uppercut
    Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950’s barbershop Uppercut Barber Supplies is a modern yet traditional approach to men’s grooming. Your one stop supply shop that will keep you looking and feeling good.
  • V-dubs video produkti...
  • Vans
    In 1966, the Van Doren Rubber Company opened up for business in Anaheim, CA. Soon, Vans’ simple canvas shoes became a staple at the beach and throughout Southern California. Not long after, SoCal youngsters found that Vans’ sticky gum rubber sole and sturdy construction made the shoes perfect for skateboarding.
  • Vintjärn Records
  • Vision street wear
    Vision Street Wear started in USA 1976. Famous skateboarders such as Mark Gonzalez, Duane Peters and Lance Mountain have been part of the Vision team.
  • Vivien of Holloway
    With period perfect fabrics and cuts only slightly adapted from genuine vintage styles, in Vivien of Holloway you can be transformed into a cheesecake pin-up, a femme fatale, a saucy Mad Men-era office girl, or a WWII working girl – the choice is yours! All clothes are proudly made in the UK and are loved by well-dressed women (and men!) across the globe; from rockabilly gals and swing dancers, to re-enactors and even celebrities!
  • Walk Over Shoes
    Walk Over Shoes started as a tannery in Massachusetts back in 1758. The finest leather made was turned into shoes. These are high quality shoes with a heritage. During the 1950's the company had a slogan that was "Your first look at a lifetime friend", which still rings true today.
  • What Katie did
    Beautifully cut, high-quality and affordable undergarments, corsetry and hosiery inspired by the 1940s and 1950s. The designs are based on vintage patterns, adapted only slightly for modern figures, using authentic fabrics and even old-fashioned production methods wherever possible. What Katie Did make their beautiful lingerie for every woman, so she can look and feel like a bombshell, any day of the week.
  • Wigéns
    People use their heads for a million things. The head is a very practical and attractive part of the body. That is why Wigéns are so devoted to making the finest, most fashionable and qualitative headwear known to man. Wigéns are determined to combine tradition and fine craftsmanship with new techniques and hot designs. With these goals and visions they have been producing state of the art hats and caps since 1906, when Oscar Wigén founded the company.
  • Wild & Wolf
  • Wild Records
    "Unfortunately, when folks hear the word 'rockabilly,' they envision bands trying to imitate shit like the Stray Cats. And it's just done so badly. I think 95 percent of all bands out there playing a variation of rockabilly or '50s rock 'n' roll are a pile of shit. They actually do more harm than good by existing." Wild Records founder, producer and president Reb Kennedy
  • Wrangler
    Wrangler's denim history goes back to 1904 when the Hudson Overall Company is founded in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. In 1919, the company is named Blue Bell and in 1947, with the start of a range of jeans for cowboys, it receives a new name: Wrangler, the name of a working cowboy.
  • Wrangler BLUE BELL
    In 1947, Blue Bell was the clothing company that launched Wrangler to cowboys and jeans fans. Its name remains legendary among denim aficionados around the world. Revitalized for Fall/Winter 2009/10, Blue Bell becomes more than a blast from the past: it is the face of the future.
  • Wrenchmonkees A.C
    Wrenchmonkees clothing label WM A.C is about decent work wear - simple but functional. Just like their bikes. Wrenchmonkees does the design while manufacturing is taken care of by KANSAS, who has been manufacturing superior Danish work wear since 1952.
  • Yumi
  • Zorch
    Zorch Records - giving music a bad name since 1989